April 14 2019 email from Team Pete Design (design@peteforamerica.com)

Hello from the PFA Design Team

Thank you for reaching out to the Pete For America design team.

What a day! Mayor Pete’s campaign launch event was the culmination of a month and a half of some of the most exciting work we’ve done in our lives at Hyperakt, but it’s just the beginning! Pete is a visionary leader and a champion of innovation. We’re approaching design for this campaign with the same spirit – radically experimental, service based, and laser focused on empowering our grassroots supporters. With this approach, we are bound to make some mistakes, but we are committed to listen, learn, and respond to what the community needs. Today's Design Toolkit is just step one. This is an organic resource that will grow and evolve as any good digital product should – to serve your needs as its users.

We’re getting tons of great feedback from the community already. Yes, we are reading ALL your emails. We just can’t keep up with responding to them individually so we’re responding to some of the most frequently asked questions here:

Puerto Rico is done and will be added to the site today! We humbly apologize it, and the other US territories weren’t there this morning. They should have been. We’re working on adding all the rest ASAP.

We are making a consistent system of state logos for students. That will be available for download soon! We’re planning to start adding interest groups soon as well.

We also have other tools in the works to make it easier for people to create marks for their groups. More on that soon.

Some of you requested additional products for the store. There will be much more exciting stuff coming there, too. We just started with some of the basics.

If you’re having technical difficulties downloading logos, please bear with us. It’s happening to a small subset of users and we’ll get it corrected ASAP tomorrow.

We’ve heard from some people that our choice of colors for states, in some cases, are controversial for various reasons. We hear you and we will address that so there is more flexibility in selecting color combos for the states.

We hear you on New York feeling too Yankees. More New York coming soon.

Over and out for now,

Hyperakt (Pete For America's Design Team)

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