Friends of John Delaney
Friday, February 15, 2019
CONTACT: Monica Biddix

Delaney Announces New Iowa Democratic County Chair Endorsement

Ahead of multi-presidential candidate event in Monroe County on February 17th, Delaney picks up endorsement from neighboring county’s Democratic Chair

DES MOINES, IA – John Delaney announced a new endorsement today from Iowa’s Lucas County Democratic Party Chair and newly-elected Lucas County Caucus Chair Joan Amos. Chair Amos’ support continues a surge of early endorsements from three Iowa Democratic County Chairs in counties spanning the state.
“My husband John and I believe that John Delaney is the best candidate to stand up against Donald Trump, bring our country together, and really get things done in Washington,” said Chair Amos.  “John Delaney’s policies will improve people’s lives and can get passed right away. We intend to caucus for him, and we encourage fellow Democrats to look into his policies and hear him speak.” 
Delaney is the first Democratic presidential candidate to have visited all 99 Iowa counties since 2008. He is drawing attention for his unique bipartisan approaches that aim to quickly pass legislation for universal healthcare, universal pre-k and community college, climate change, automation, and infrastructure. He has six field offices inIowa and has made more than 20 visits to the state.
Friends of John Delaney
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
CONTACT: Ahmed Elsayed

Delaney Builds Momentum in Iowa with Endorsements from Three Democratic Party County Chairs

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Today, three Iowa Democratic Party County Chairs endorsed John Delaney’s campaign for President – Donna Crum, Mills County Democrats Chair; Nancy Camardo, Wayne County Democrats Chair; Twyla Peacock, Van Buren County Democrats Chair. These are the first endorsements by Iowa Democratic County Chairs in the 2020 presidential campaign cycle.
“I am honored to receive the endorsements of County Chairs Crum, Camardo, and Peacock,” said John Delaney. “For years, they have led grassroots efforts in their communities that help win elections and lay the groundwork for the Iowa Caucuses. They have done fantastic work steering their Democratic County Committees and I’m excited to have their support.”
“For too long, Democrats have neglected voters in so-called ‘red counties’ in Iowa but I’m doing things differently. I’m making it a priority on my campaign to talk to voters everywhere. If we want to win, Democrats can’t just campaign in blue cities and counties – we need to go everywhere and talk to everyone,” Delaney added.
Earlier this month, Delaney announced several key Iowa staff positions and opened offices in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. The Delaney campaign also announced Connie Klug and Paula Meyer as the Iowa Campaign Co-Chairs.
“As the field of presidential candidates becomes more and more crowded, first and foremost, I am looking for someone who can unite our country and defeat President Trump in 2020,” said Donna Crum. “As a pragmatic Democrat who is willing to work across the aisle, John Delaney is up to this challenge and he is my choice to be the next President of the United States. Our country needs a unifier rather than a divider. Congressman Delaney is running on a message of honesty and integrity in an effort to restore civility to not only the White House but the overall political discourse of our nation. Now more than ever we need Delaney’s leadership in order to focus on the future and believe in something better.”
“At a time when our country is so divided, it’s time for a fresh new voice that will unite our nation with a common purpose,” said Nancy Camardo. “John Delaney is a successful entrepreneur and Congressman with working-class roots, and I believe he has the right vision to get America back to work.”
“I think people need to think very seriously about who they’re going to support,” stated Twyla Peacock. “There are going to be several candidates running and I think it's very important for people to get involved in this election. I’m supporting John Delaney because he has the same values that I do and he's an honest person.”
This week, Delaney will open offices in Council Bluffs and Sioux City and will hold a town hall in Denison, Iowa. Delaney has already campaigned in all 99 Iowa counties.