Kamala Harris for the People
July 16, 2019

State Rep. Phyllis Thede Endorses Kamala Harris

Today in Davenport, State Representative Phyllis Thede endorsed Senator Kamala Harris for President of the United States. Right after the endorsement, Harris and Thede joined LULAC and the NAACP for a roundtable discussion about the issues facing women of color. Thede, the first state representative in Iowa to endorse Harris, represents the 93rd District, which includes Davenport. 

“I had the opportunity to hear Kamala speak in Bettendorf last February. What most impressed me was that she believes the American people need to hear the truth,” said Thede. “Truth gives us a basis for a solid structure for change.  Whether it is education, justice reform, mental health, or healthcare we must understand its effect on us as Iowans and Americans.” 

“I believe Kamala Harris understands and supports the truth when it comes to these very important issues and more,” she continued. “I know that she will stand with women and communities of color across the state and fight to make sure that we are paid equally, that our sons and daughters are safe in their communities and getting a world-class education, that we have access to good and affordable healthcare, affordable housing, and jobs. I am proud to endorse Kamala Harris today and work to ensure she is the next President of the United States.” 

Harris was joined by Thede, LULAC Council 10 President Jazmin E. Newton-Butt, Davenport NAACP Vice President Vera Kelly, and others at today’s roundtable event. The roundtable was an opportunity for Harris to hear directly from Iowa’s leaders and discuss her 3am agenda to lift up communities of color. Harris’ agenda includes plans to invest $100 billion in minority homeownership to address the racial wealth gap, offer relief for renters paying more than 30% of their income on rent; provide up to $500 a month for working families making less than $100,000 through a new middle class tax credit; combat the Black maternal mortality crisis; close the gender pay gap for women, which is 61 cents on the dollar for Black women in Iowa and 57 cents for Latinas in Iowa; take executive actions to reduce the carnage of gun violence in communities across America; and, make new investments to raise teacher pay and expand opportunities for teachers of color.


Kamala Harris for the People
July 5, 2019

Iowa Momentum Continues as Kamala Harris Secures Second Democratic Chair Endorsement

Today, chair of the Northwest Des Moines Democrats Vanessa Phelan announced her endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris. This is the second endorsement from a Democratic chair in as many days. Phelan’s endorsement comes after she met and spoke with Harris at her Des Moines Town Hall on Wednesday evening. 

“As a mother, I need a candidate who will fight for the future. As an activist, I need a candidate who inspires more people to fight today. I need a fearless boundary-breaker, a daughter of immigrants, an accomplished professional who bends the system until it works for the people,” said Phelan

 “I need a candidate who leads with the truth, who uproots injustice, who wakes up at 3 am thinking about our most vulnerable. The candidate I need is Senator Kamala Harris,” she concluded

Yesterday, West Des Moines chair Victor Dutchuk endorsed Harris after hosting her at the annual West Des Moines Democrat picnic. Today’s endorsement comes at the conclusion of Harris’ three-day swing across Iowa, where she has had the opportunity to hear directly from Iowans about the issues that keep them up at night. At events during her swing, Harris has been discussing her “3AM Agenda” to find solutions for these issues and her plans to take action to make their lives better. 


Kamala Harris for the People
July 4, 2019

On second day of Iowa Swing, West Des Moines Democrats Chair Victor Dutchuk Endorses Kamala Harris

Today, on the heels of her debate victory and on the second day of her three day Iowa swing, West Des Moines Democrats Chair and Iowa National Guard veteran Victor Dutchuk endorsed Senator Kamala Harris. West Des Moines was a critical voting block in the 2018 Blue Wave elections in Iowa. Dutchuk’s endorsement comes one day after he hosted Harris at the annual West Des Moines Democrats’ 4th of July Summer Picnic. 

“Senator Harris is for the people and I am for her,” said Dutchuk. “Her focus on issues such as affordable healthcare, higher wages and quality education are just one example of the priorities she shares with everyday Americans.”

“Senator Harris has demonstrated the courage to take on the most challenging and important issues -- and the ability to stand toe to toe with any opponent. She has also shown us all that she has what it takes to call out President Trump and send him packing from Washington,” he concluded. 

Harris’ visit to the state is giving her the opportunity to hear directly from Iowans about the issues that keep them up at night. At events during her swing, Harris has been discussing her “3AM Agenda” to find solutions for these issues and her plans to take action to make their lives better. 


ed note: On July 1, 2019, 30 organizers started in Iowa...

"Team Harris is excited to be bringing on more talented staff that will be critical to our operation across the state. Organizers around the state will be meeting with caucusgoers and hosting events that will expand our reach exponentially. Iowans are headed into these summer months excited to learn more about Kamala Harris and this team will be ready to show why she is the best person to take on Donald Trump and the candidate who will fight for them and their families." - Iowa State Director Will Dubbs

Lilian Sanchez - Deputy Political Director 
Lilian Sanchez grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a University of Iowa graduate and served as the first Latina Student Body Vice President. After graduation she joined Amnesty International as a Ladis Kristof Fellow. She then served as a Legislative Intern for Senator Harris in the Fall 2018 and returned to Iowa to serve as the Executive Assistant to newly-elected Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand. Lilian also serves as the youngest member of the Emerge Iowa Board. 

Sharon Yang - Iowa Press Secretary 
Sharon Yang was most recently the Deputy Press Secretary for Senator Tim Kaine's re-election campaign in Virginia. Previously, she has also worked for former Rep. Tom Perriello's gubernatorial campaign, at Priorities USA, and on the 2016 Clinton campaign. She is a native Houstonian, Harvard graduate, and avid home cook.

Torey Cahn - Iowa Data Director
Torey comes to Iowa after successfully running Nevada's 2018 data and analytics program, electing Jacky Rosen to US Senate and Steve Sisolak to the Governor's mansion. Before that he worked on JB Pritzker's primary campaign for Governor of Illinois as well as Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016.  

Sean McEnerney - Iowa Deputy Organizing Director
This is Sean's fourth campaign working in Iowa politics. Sean was most recently a Deputy Field Director on Pennsylvania’s 2018 Coordinated Campaign. Sean started on campaigns in Queens as an organizer on Rep. Grace Meng’s 2012 campaign.  He worked in Iowa in 2014 as a campaign manager on a state senate campaign and returned to work as a Regional Field Director on Martin O’Malley’s caucus campaign and as a Regional Organizing Director during the 2016 general election.
Kamala Harris for the People endorsements
June 28, 2019

  • Minister Vergarie Sanford - Mount Zion Refuge Center Church
  • Thomas Fisher - Des Moines Assistant City Attorney

Kamala Harris for the People
May 21, 2019

First Iowa Elected Official Endorses Kamala Harris, Pointing to Her Equal Pay Plan

Today, Coralville City Councilwoman Meghann Foster announced her endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris in her run for president. Foster, a mother of five, a small business owner, and a University of Iowa educator, points to Harris’ policies like her new equal pay plan as why she is coming out early for Harris. Foster is the first elected official in Iowa to endorse Harris.

“I’m excited to be supporting Kamala Harris in the Iowa Caucus,” Foster said. “Senator Harris’s plans to close the gender pay gap, increase teacher pay, provide tax relief for the middle class, and her advocacy on behalf of affordable housing are things that are important to me as both a local leader and a mom. She is focused and fearless, and I’m excited to get to work on behalf of her candidacy.”

“I’m so grateful to have Meghann’s support in this race,” Harris said. “She understands what Iowa families are facing every day, and I know that together we can build a better future for all of our children. That starts with ensuring women earn the wages they deserve and our teachers are supported in the classroom.”

Harris will return to Iowa on Thursday for her fourth trip to the state since announcing her candidacy. She will discuss her equal pay policy throughout the visit. In Iowa, women are paid just 79 cents for every dollar paid to men.


Kamala Harris for the People
April 11, 2019

Iowa Democratic Party Women’s Caucus Chair Endorses Kamala Harris

Today, Iowa Democratic Party Women’s Caucus Chair and former Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party Jean Hessburg endorsed Senator Kamala Harris for President. Hessburg previously served as Director of the Nevada Caucus in 2008 and as Legislative Director for Congressman Dave Nagel (D-IA).

"In her first election for U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris won all but four counties in California. She has won every single race she has entered because she fights to win. She supports middle-class working women and men, she's a friend of labor, and she understands the struggles of everyday Americans. She has fought hard for public schools, the right of women to make their own health care decisions, and immigrant and LGBTQ rights. She will keep working until we once again live in an America filled with hope and promise. I support Senator Kamala Harris for all of these reasons and for a bigger and brighter future for my children," Hessburg said.

"I am so proud to have Jean's endorsement,” Harris said. “As the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Women's Caucus, she knows that electing record numbers of women to the statehouse and in Congress in 2018 was no accident. When we stand together, support great candidates and work hard, we can make our government look like the people it serves. Women will be a deciding voice in the 2020 Iowa Caucuses and I will do all I can to earn their support."

Hessburg will join Harris later today at an Emerge Iowa House Party in Des Moines to celebrate the women candidates who ran and won in Iowa over the last few years, and look forward to 2020. Emerge Iowa recruits and trains women to run for office across the state.

Harris is running a campaign that is organizing and reaching out to Iowans in every corner of the state. Earlier this month, she announced she raised $12 million from 218,000 unique contributions across the country, showing her early strength and giving her the resources to reach more Iowans. In March, Harris’ campaign announced she has supporters in all 99 Iowa counties and released a widely praised policy to give Iowa teachers a $12,200 raise by the end of her first term.


Kamala Harris for the People
March 11, 2019


As Kamala Harris introduces herself across the state of Iowa, her campaign is proud to announce today that she has supporters in all 99 Iowa counties. Harris will continue to campaign in every corner of the state, engaging Iowans and winning their support on Caucus night.

“I am honored that so many Iowans have signed up to join our campaign, a campaign for the people,” Harris said. “I am going to fight to earn support from caucus-goers in every precinct in every county across Iowa. Together we can build an economy that works for all Iowans and guarantee access to health care and take on challenges like climate change and gun violence. Thank you for standing with us.”

Supporters from across Iowa have written in and shared their own reasons for standing with Harris. Here are a few excerpts:

“I support Kamala Harris because I believe that she is the type of leader that this country needs,” Tristan Langford, Batavia.

“I support Senator Kamala Harris, because she believes in the support of Social Security and Medicare. #healthcarematters,” Treyla Lee, Sioux City.

“I think she can go the distance in the campaign...She shows sincere interest when listening to citizens,” Ann Sohl, Maquoketa.

“I was impressed when she came here to Iowa and spoke at DMACC. Of all the candidates out there, I believe she can hold her own against Trump,” Kim Durbin, Des Moines.

“Health care, gun violence, her position on issues important to me. That she is smart and tough, yet compassionate,” Joan Baril, Davenport.