Biden for President
November 3, 2019

100 Days to the New Hampshire Primary

To:   Interested Parties
Fr:    Ian Moskowitz, Biden for President New Hampshire State Director
Re:   100 Days to the New Hampshire Primary
Da:   November 3, 2019
As we approach the final 100 days to the New Hampshire primary, Vice President Joe Biden remains well positioned to win in the Granite State and beyond.

We put together a team that knows what it takes to win in New Hampshire. Since April, our campaign in New Hampshire has grown from five staff to over 50. Six of nine senior staff have worked at least one campaign cycle in New Hampshire and three are native Granite Staters. Our team includes former staffers to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Maggie Hassan, State Senator Lou D’Allesandro, State Senator Martha Fuller Clark, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and more. 

Our robust organizing program continues to focus on volunteers and supporters talking directly with their friends, neighbors, and voters throughout the Granite State. Despite nearly six months of constant attacks from President Trump and our opponents, we have built a diverse coalition of supporters, volunteers, and community leaders, and Joe’s poll numbers have remained steady. 

Over the next 100 days, our campaign in New Hampshire will continue to expand, with an emphasis on grassroots organizing. We will grow our diverse coalition to include even more Granite State voices. And we will continue to fight back against the non-stop attacks on the Vice President and our campaign — while continuing to remind Granite Staters that Joe Biden is the candidate we need to restore the soul of our nation, rebuild the middle class, and unify our country. 

Since he entered the race in late April, the Vice President has spent significant time in New Hampshire, meeting with thousands of voters across the state, and will return with Dr. Biden for two days this week, when he officially files his paperwork with the Secretary of State to appear on the First in the Nation ballot. We know that Granite Staters value their in-person interactions with the Vice President — who typically spends over an hour on the rope line after an event to speak directly with voters about the issues that matter most to them — and the Vice President will continue to invest significant time in the Granite State. 

Organizing Everywhere
Winning New Hampshire campaigns all have one thing in common: they organize everywhere. That’s why we’ve built a grassroots team that can have neighbor to neighbor conversations, so we can persuade voters, and identify and turn out Joe Biden supporters. Despite starting months after other campaigns and having many in the media assume that our campaign would struggle to catch up, we currently have over 50 staff on the ground in New Hampshire and 10 offices across the state — on par if not ahead of other campaigns. 

To date, we have held over 2,000 canvass launches, phone banks, and events across New Hampshire. We have knocked on over 50,000 doors, made over 275,000 recruitment calls, and have dozens of volunteer leaders confirmed across the entire state.

In the final 100 days, you will see our campaign continue to meet Granite State voters where they are and invest in the personal conversations necessary to turn out the vote and win on February 11. 

A Diverse Coalition
The Biden coalition is broad and diverse, not just across the country but also here in New Hampshire. The Vice President has been endorsed by New Hampshire State Senator Lou D’Allesandro and New Hampshire’s youngest state lawmaker, State Representative Denny Ruprecht; former Nigerian refugee Richard Komi and substance misuse treatment advocate Olivia Dupell; the first openly LGBT Mayor Dana Hilliard and progressive Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter; former NHDP Chairs Ned Helms, Michael King, and Chris Spirou, and Dean of the NH House Rep. Laura Pantelakos.

Throughout the final 100 days, we will continue to build a broad and diverse coalition of support for Vice President Biden in New Hampshire — because we know that in order to be successful against President Trump, our nominee will have to build a coalition as broad and diverse as our country. 

Consistent Durability Against Negative Attacks
Despite $10 million dollars spent on outright lies by President Trump and his allies about Joe Biden, the Vice President’s numbers in New Hampshire have remained durable—the first poll taken in New Hampshire when the Vice President’s announced his campaign had his support at 20%; the most recent poll from Saint Anselm had him at 24%.

The Vice President has been consistently attacked from the left and the right — even before he entered the race. While other candidates have risen and fallen, the Vice President has been tried and tested, and his standing in New Hampshire remains strong. 

The reason is simple: Granite Staters know Joe Biden. They trust Joe Biden. And they know that on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden is the best person to step into the oval office and right the ship.