Kamala Harris for the People
December 2, 2019

Johnson County Supervisor Janelle Rettig Endorses Kamala Harris

Today, Janelle Rettig, a member of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, and her partner Robin Butler, announced their endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris, citing her leadership on issues such as equal pay for women, designing a health care plan that listens to the concerns of Iowans, standing up for LGBTQ+ rights, and more. 

“Kamala Harris is a compassionate leader that calls upon our better instincts to improve our world. She is wicked smart, tough, and adaptive. She cares about people. She is an active listener who never stops trying to solve problems. It will be an honor to stand with Kamala Harris on caucus night,” Rettig and Butler said.

“Harris is a combination of intelligence, toughness, caring, listening, adapting and leadership,” they continued. “Harris knows how to get things done by being flexible and finding common ground, but also knows when to stay strong and true. Harris shines when she talks about bringing women up in access, pay, opportunities and education. She knows economic disparity is a crisis in our country. Harris listened to many people and labor unions about forcing people to give up private insurance and has been flexible enough to adapt and allow her plan to change for the better.”

“When many people rejected our civil rights and were pushing civil unions, Kamala Harris was standing up for same-sex couples and performing their wedding ceremonies. Her upbringing of activism and having protester parents gives her the deep-rooted courage to be ahead of popular opinion and do what is right. It does matter that Kamala Harris is a woman of color who was an activist on marriage equality long before it was cool. Her history, her upbringing, her instincts are to fight for those in need,” Rettig and Butler concluded. 

“Janelle and Robin have been dedicated advocates on so many issues, from fighting for LGBTQ rights to protecting the environment and so much more,” Harris said. “I am deeply honored to have the support of these longtime activists and am grateful that they have made the decision to stand in our corner on caucus night.” 

Rettig is the second member of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors to endorse Harris. She joins other prominent Johnson County Democrats who have endorsed Harris, including member of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors Pat Heiden, Iowa powerhouses Sue and Bob Dvorsky, and Coralville City Councilwoman Meghann Foster. 


Kamala Harris for the People
November 27, 2019

100 Iowa Teachers Endorse Kamala Harris, In Sign of Growing Iowa Strength

Harris to Launch “Iowa Teachers for Kamala” in Waukee on Wednesday

Today, 100 Iowa teachers are announcing their support of Senator Kamala Harris. Harris herself will join teachers from across Iowa for the launch of “Iowa Teachers for Kamala” at an event in Waukee on Wednesday, November 27. Harris has long received broad support from Iowa’s teachers after releasing the first policy of her campaign to give Iowa teachers a $12,200 raise. Harris has highlighted the important role that educators play in raising our children at events in Iowa throughout her campaign. 

“I am honored to have the support of teachers from across Iowa and grateful every day for the work they do to help raise our children,” Harris said. “Conversations with Iowa’s teachers helped inform my first policy of this campaign - the largest federal investment in teachers in our nation’s history. Educators here in Iowa and across the country have made me a better candidate and I’m grateful to have them on my team. 

These educators are from across Iowa, and teach everything from kids in pre-school to students in college. They include math teachers, special education teachers, choir teachers, teacher librarians, professors, and more. However, this diverse group of educators are united in their enthusiastic support of Harris and her plans to fight for education justice. All 100 have been invited to join Harris in person for the launch in Waukee. 

“Senator Harris has centered the importance of public schools and teachers in her campaign like no other candidate,” said Amy Johnson, a second grade teacher in the Keokuk Community School District. “Her plan to pay teachers what they deserve isn’t just about giving teachers like me a raise, it’s about so much more. It’s about recognizing the value that teachers and educators have in our communities, and it’s about recognizing those of us who work second, and even third or fourth jobs to make the ends meet, who pay out of pocket so our students have school supplies, or who took on student debt in order to work in a classroom, doing what we love. Kamala sees the challenges we face and I absolutely trust her to fight for us and to have our backs when she is president.” 

“The thing that impresses me most about Senator Harris is that she is really and truly for the people,” said Tina Martinez, a first grade teacher in the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District. “I’ve spent my whole life in public education. I know what it’s like to work for over 30 years but still struggle to make ends meet, or to be able to afford health care. Nevertheless I love my job – and I know that Kamala will always fight for the middle class and for teachers like me because she truly means what she is saying. Every time I’ve seen her, I can tell that she is there for the people. We need someone with integrity who will fight for the American people. That person is Senator Kamala Harris.” 

Complete list of teachers below:

  • Beth Ann Evans Knipper, High School English Teacher, Adel-Desoto-Minburn Community School District

  • Ellyn Grimm, 8th Grade English Teacher, Ames Community School District

  • Caleista Meyne, Early Childhood Teacher, Ankeny Community School District

  • Kyrstin Delagardelle, Teacher Librarian, Ankeny Community School District

  • Amy Tagliareni, Ankeny School Board Member, Former Special Education Associate, Ankeny Community School District

  • Julie Henkle, Former Preschool Teacher, Ankeny Community School District

  • Kelly Postma, 8th and 9th Grade Physical and Health Education Teacher, Ankeny Community School District

  • Nolan Henkle, High School Choir Teacher, Ankeny Community School District

  • Stephen Ratzlaff, Retired School Administrator and Current Substitute Teacher, Ankeny Community School District

  • Betsy Wolf, High School Industrial Technology Teacher, Burlington Community School District

  • Nicholas Schroeder, High School Special Education Teacher, Carlisle Community School District

  • Patrick Eldridge, Substitute Teacher, Cedar Falls and Waterloo Community School Districts

  • Brianna Young, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy, Cedar Rapids Community School District

  • Melissa Trumpold, Middle School Special Education Teacher, Cedar Rapids Community School District

  • Clark Beyer, Substitute Teacher, Cedar Rapids Community School District

  • Hannah Gorsh, Middle School Extended Learning Teacher, Clear Creek Amana Community School District

  • Ray Dewaele, High School Special Education Teacher, Council Bluffs Community School District

  • Amy Yochem, Former Elementary School Teacher and Current Substitute Teacher, Council Bluffs Community School District

  • Connie Capper, 4th Grade Teacher, Davenport Community School District

  • Sarah Qualls, 1st through 5th Grade Teacher, Davenport Community School District

  • Kathy Learn, Retired High School and Middle School Teacher and School Administrator, Davenport Community School District

  • Eileen Peterson, Special Education teacher, Denison Community School District

  • Larry Peterson, High School History Teacher, College Professional, Denison Community School District

  • Abby Fliehler, Art Teacher, Denver Community School District

  • Melanie Schroeder, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools

  • Valerie Madison, Preschool Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools

  • Emma Bade, Special Education Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools

  • Nabil Majeed, Math and Science Substitute Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools

  • Rachel White, Elementary Special Education Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools

  • Anne Middleton, Former Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools

  • Brenda Beyer, School Counselor, St. Anthony Catholic School, Des Moines

  • Pat Hennessey, 4th, 7th, and 8th Grade Teacher, Diocesan Schools of Des Moines

  • Kim Mangers, School Administrator, Dubuque Community School District

  • Brenda Kunau, Retired High School German Teacher, Easton Valley Community School District

  • Rachel Wilke-Shapiro, Preschool Teacher, Grace United Methodist Church Preschool

  • Suzanne Redenius, Retired 5th Grade Reading & Language Arts Teacher, Grinnell-Newburg Community School District

  • Frank Williams, Former Middle School Teacher, Grundy Center Community School District

  • Mike Holm, Special Education Teacher and Coach, Hampton-Dumont Community School District

  • Abigail Lofte, High School Theology Teacher, Holy Family Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Dubuque

  • Nancy Leonard, High School Spanish Teacher, Holy Family Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Dubuque

  • Jenna Darsee, Elementary Art School Teacher, Indianola Community School District

  • Sue Dvorsky, Former Special Education Teacher, Iowa City Community School District

  • Anna Gibbs, Special Education Teacher, Iowa City Community School District

  • Diane Thayer, 7th and 8th Grade Choir Teacher, Iowa City Community School District

  • Amy Johnson, 2nd Grade Teacher, Keokuk Community School District

  • Frances Renfer, Middle and High School Teacher, Linn-Mar Community School District

  • Jodi Stevens, Retired Teacher, Marshalltown Community School District

  • Stephanie Scholl, Literacy Teacher, Mason City Community School District

  • Rachel Foubert, Teacher, Mid-Prairie Community School District

  • Randa Wall, 5th Grade Teacher, Nodaway Valley Community School District

  • Brenda Thaden, 4th Teacher, Nodaway Valley Community School District

  • Peggy Willson, Kindergarten Teacher's Aide, Northeast Hamilton Community School District

  • Ramona Johnson, Elementary Special Education Teacher, Prairie City Monroe Community School District

  • Liz Kantner, High School History Teacher, Rock Island-Milan School District 41

  • Alena Rae Treat, Elementary Teacher, Saydel Community School District

  • Lesa Banks, High School Art Teacher, Sioux City Community School District

  • Celia Mulroy, Middle School Teacher and Coach, Sioux City Community School District

  • Stacy Brasch, Teacher, Sioux City Community School District

  • Bernadette Scolaro, Sioux City Education Association President and Counselor, Sioux City Community School District

  • Kim Vermilyea, Teacher, Sioux City Community School District

  • Jackie White, Early Childhood Coordinator, Southeast Polk Community School District

  • Allison Graham, Substitute Teacher and Coach, South Tama County Community School District

  • Julie Theulen, Special Education Teacher, Tri-Center Community School District

  • Billie Jo Fielder, Early Childhood Special Education and Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade Reading Teacher, Urbandale Community School District

  • Henry Jackson, Teacher, Urbandale Community School District

  • Ruby Bodeker, Former Elementary Teacher, Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District

  • Tina Martinez, 1st Grade Teacher, Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District

  • Rena Philp, High School Counselor, Wapello Community School District

  • Pat Harper, Former Math Teacher, Waterloo Community School District

  • Jeanne Meuer, Retired Childcare Provider, Waterloo Community School District

  • Wendy Lee, Kindergarten Teacher, Waterloo Community School District

  • Sheena Grove, 11th Grade English Teacher, Waukee Community School District

  • Ginny Davis, 8th and 9th Grade Math Teacher, Waukee Community School District

  • Ryan Garcia, 10th through 12th Grade Special Education Associate, Waukee Community School District

  • Natalie Elliott, Elementary School Teacher, Waukee Community School District

  • Franny Frey, 7th and 8th Grade Teacher Librarian, West Des Moines Community School District

  • Julie Norby, Retired Elementary English Teacher, Western Dubuque Community School District

  • Ashley Scolaro, Psychology Professor, Central College

  • Paul Tabor, Microbiology Professor, Clarke University & Loras College

  • DeeAnn Grove, Teacher Educator, Cornell College

  • Deborah Symonds, History Professor, Drake University

  • Kittie Weston-Knauer, Adjunct Professor, Drake University

  • Emily Dux Speltz, English Professor, Iowa State University

  • Mary Lynn Damhorst, Retired Communications Professor, Iowa State University

  • Bridget Malone, Spanish Professor, Kirkwood Community College

  • Elisabeth Snipes, Professor, Southeastern Community College

  • Keith Crew, Retired Professor of Criminology, University of Northern Iowa

  • Penny Schempp, Retired Counselor, Western Iowa Tech Community College

  • Paula Johnson, Retired Senior and Junior High Science Teacher, Bremer County

  • Andrew Flockhart, Educator, Dallas County

  • Eleanor Stevers, Retired Special Education Teacher, Des Moines County

  • Jan Sauter, Retired Science Teacher, Linn County

  • Marjorie Connors-Boe, Principal, Linn County

  • Christine Miller, Educator, Polk County

  • Dave Zuckerman, Special Education Teacher, Polk County

  • Krystal Coffee, 2nd Grade Teacher, Polk County

  • Marilyn Phelan, Educator, Polk County

  • Sarah Zigtema, Special Education Teacher, Polk County

  • Paula McNutt, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Scott County

  • Mary Meador, Professor, Story County



Kamala Harris for the People
November 21, 2019

Kamala Harris Racks Up More Iowa Endorsements After Impressive Debate Performance

On the heels of Senator Kamala Harris’ impressive performance in the fifth Democratic debate, Iowa educators and community leaders from across the state are announcing their endorsement of Harris. Last night, Harris showed she could go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and clearly laid out her plans to rebuild and re-energize the Obama coalition.

“I'm really excited to be full force, all-in for Kamala Harris. We need a powerful executive force, a strong legal mind, an experienced legislator, and someone who understands and is campaigning on both huge issues and the ways that they affect people's daily lives. We need someone empathetic, someone who is outraged on our behalf, and someone who can and will stand up to what will remain a horribly fractured Congress, while also trying to find ways to get work done. For me, Kamala Harris is that candidate,” said Megan Alter, Iowa City Housing and Community Development Commissioner.

"My choice for Democratic candidate for President is Senator Kamala Harris. I love her ethics and her knowledge of  the law. She shows deep respect for our laws. It is what our country needs after so much deviousness and disrespect for the law from our current President,” added former Waterloo area State Senator Pat Harper. “We are a nation of laws and cannot endure much longer with a leader who is constantly trying to thwart the law. There are many other issues in the 2020 election, but to me nothing is more important than to have a Democratic candidate who can face the opposition with a thorough knowledge of the constitution and our laws."

The full list of new endorsers includes:

Megan Alter, Iowa City Housing and Community Development Commissioner
Lonnie Dafney, West Des Moines School Board Member
Lyn Eldridge, Gun Violence Prevention Activist and Member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America from Waterloo
Pat Harper, Former Waterloo Area State Senator
Rhonda McRina, Former Waterloo School Board Member
Bernie Scolaro, Sioux City Education and Labor Leader

Harris will return to Iowa later this week for a meet and greet on Friday, November 22 in Muscatine and on Saturday, November 23 in Washington. She will also spend Thanksgiving week with her family in Iowa, engaging with caucusgoers throughout the holiday.

Kamala Harris for the People
November 6, 2019

In Iowa, Kamala Harris Announces African American Steering Committee, New Deputy Political Director

Today, Kamala Harris’ campaign in Iowa announced its African American Steering Committee and to continue growing its engagement across the state, the hire of Mia Mayberry, its new Iowa Deputy Political Director in charge of African American outreach. The committee is made up of African American leaders from across Iowa who will work together with Harris’ organizing team to continue engaging the African American community in Iowa. Mayberry is a Quad Cities native, attorney, and former Vice Chairwoman of the Rock Island County Board of Supervisors. 

“We are fully committed to running a campaign that embodies the values that Senator Harris holds. We are better as a country when more people are included and our team has made meaningful, continued engagement with communities of color a top priority throughout this race,” said Deidre DeJear, Harris’ Iowa Campaign Chair. 

Harris has made engaging communities of color a key priority of her campaign, and is committed to expanding the caucus electorate to include communities that have not always had a seat at the table. In Iowa, Harris was the keynote speaker at the Annual Black Caucus fundraiser in Des Moines during her first trip to the state, hosted a roundtable discussion in Davenport focused on the issues facing women of color, and joined Urban Dreams and the Des Moines NAACP for a block party in the predominantly African American neighborhood of River Bend. 

In addition, organizers and volunteers have traveled to black churches across Iowa to meet with potential supporters, hosted a series of “Unbought and Unbossed” community conversations highlighting the historic nature of Shirley Chisholm and Harris’ candidacies at places such as barbershops and local NAACP chapters, marked Black Women’s Equal Pay Day with policy conversations across Iowa, and more. The Committee will help leverage their own networks and insight to help amplify both Harris and her organizing team’s efforts in the state. 

Members of the African American Steering Committee include: 
  • Senior EHS Engineer Anthony Cade, Ankeny 
  • Front End Software Engineer Shar’nee Cade, Ankeny
  • Community Activist Mozz Fadl, Des Moines 
  • Owner of LaunchPad Global Enterprises, Bo James, Des Moines 
  • Community Activist Lindsey White, Waukee
  • Faith Community Outreach Leader Rob Johnson, Des Moines 
  • Recruiter and Community Activist Treyla Lee, Sioux City
  • Community Activist John Martin, Des Moines
  • Educator and Pastor Joshua S. Milam, Cedar Rapids
  • Artist and Community Activist RJ Miller, Des Moines
  • New Life in Christ Church Pastor James D. Mosley Jr., Sioux City
  • Small Business Owner Robert Prestwood, Des Moines
  • Mount Zion Refuge Center Minister Vergarie Sanford, Council Bluffs
  • Faith and Community Activist Will Sims, Des Moines 
  • Community Activist Damonte Stogner, Des Moines 
  • Iowa State Representative Phyllis Thede, Davenport 
  • City of Fort Dodge Human Rights Commissioner and 4th Congressional District
    Affirmative Action Chair Sherry Washington, Fort Dodge 
  • Christ Temple of the Apostolic Faith Founder and Pastor Lee Tolbert, Waterloo
  • Iowa State Representative Ross Wilburn, Ames

Kamala Harris for the People
October 30, 2019

Kamala Harris’ October Hustle, Focus on Justice Give Her Iowa Organizing Edge Heading Into Liberty and Justice Dinner

Over 15 Days, Harris Has Expanded Precinct Leadership to Enter November Strong

In the month leading up to the Iowa Democratic Party’s Liberty and Justice Celebration, Senator Kamala Harris “moved to Iowa,” spending 15 days at more than 30 different events across the state -- the most Iowa activity of any Democratic candidate in October by far. Throughout the month, Harris campaigned in the state each week to engage caucusgoers personally and hear directly from Iowans about their experiences and issues that matter most to them in this election. Harris has emphasized her record of fighting for justice for all Americans, and her plans as President to fight for economic justice, reproductive justice, and health care justice, among others. As she has said across Iowa this month, justice is on the ballot in 2020. 

Harris’ activity this month has also targeted the importance of the precinct-level organizing that is crucial for success on caucus night -- from personally recruiting volunteers to serve as precinct captains on caucus night, to hosting a strategy session with Women for Kamala Captains. 

She has worked to meet Iowans where they are -- in their barbershops, in their living rooms, at their local farmer’s market, and more. These personal interactions have continued to shape Harris’ campaign -- from discussing how to end the epidemic of gun violence over Sunday Supper with the Grimm family in Ames, to hearing from mothers at a Mamas for Kamala playdate in Vinton about what her Children’s Agenda would mean to them.

Along the way, Harris has continued to earn new supporters -- from Cedar County Democratic Party Chair Larry Hodgden after she announced her plan to combat President Trump’s war on rural America, to Johnson County Supervisor Pat Heiden at her town hall in Iowa City. As well as hundreds of precinct captains. 

Heading into November, Harris will maintain frequent travel to Iowa and keep building out her on the ground organizing in every corner of the state. 


Kamala Harris for the People
October 22, 2019

Johnson County Supervisor Endorses Kamala Harris at Iowa City Town Hall

Today in Iowa City, Pat Heiden, a member of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, announced her endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris at Harris’ town hall at the University of Iowa. 

“I am thrilled to personally endorse Senator Harris for President of the United States. Why am I endorsing her? Because she is fierce. She is fearless. And she has a proven record as a determined fighter on behalf of all people,” Heiden said.

“Senator Harris believes that health care is a right, not a privilege. She also advocates to increase access to mental health care. She supports a $15 an hour minimum wage, and equal pay for men and women,” she continued. “Senator Harris has a long record of immigration work. She is a staunch advocate for women’s health and rights. She supports a ban on assault weapons and the sale of high-capacity magazines. And she supports middle class tax breaks to address the high costs of child care, housing, and tuition.”

“I am so honored to have Pat’s support,” Harris said. “In Johnson County Pat has been an extraordinary leader, particularly on the issue of affordable housing, something I hope to be her partner on. Her guidance in Johnson County will be invaluable to me, and I look forward to working together and am so lucky to have her on my team.” 

Heiden was elected to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors in November of 2018. Heiden joins other prominent Johnson County Democrats who have endorsed Senator Harris, including Iowa powerhouses Sue and Bob Dvorsky as well as Coralville City Councilwoman Meghann Foster. 


Kamala Harris for the People
October 18, 2019

Cedar County Democrats Chair Endorses Kamala Harris Citing Rural Plan

Cedar County Democrats Chair, former Tipton School Board member, and retired farmer Larry Hodgden announced his endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris today. His endorsement comes one day after Harris announced her plan to combat President Trump’s war on rural America and fight for justice for rural Americans at a meet and greet in Tipton. 

Hodgden specifically pointed to Harris’ rural agenda as a central reason for his endorsement. “I've lived in this rural community my entire life, over 70 years. So I know what it takes for a rural community to thrive and grow. It takes a strong farm economy, it takes strong local businesses, good schools, and everything that Kamala Harris spoke to in her rural America plan addressed those issues that will make small, rural communities, strong,” said Hodgden. 

“I know she's a fighter. She stands up for what she believes in and I think would work hard for all Americans. We need someone like Kamala Harris in the White House to get this country moving in the right direction,” he continued. 

Harris is hosting a house party in Clinton today. On Sunday, Harris  will return to Iowa for her fourth trip of the month for a four-day swing through the state that will include stops in Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown, Waterloo, Vinton, and Iowa City. 


Kamala for the People
September 26, 2019

ICYMI - Penny Rosfjord in Iowa Starting Line: Kamala Harris is the fighter Iowa needs

Key Point: “Kamala’s experience as a prosecutor, attorney general, and U.S. Senator make her uniquely qualified to be the next President of the United States. At her core, she is a pragmatic problem solver who has spent her career addressing the real obstacles that face communities across the country. She’s not selling us a dream, but a real future that Iowans can believe in. And that’s because she’s a fighter who is going to work to get every vote for this nomination and has the best chance of beating Donald Trump in the general election.”

Kamala Harris is the fighter Iowa needs in the White House
Iowa Starting Line guest piece from Penny Rosfjord, Iowa Democratic Party SCC member and former Woodbury County Democrats chair.

I love Iowa.

And I love to build our party up strong from its foundation.

In Woodbury County, we’re used to working hard to get Democrats elected. This election could not be more consequential for each and every one of us. There is so much at stake, and that’s why I feel so strongly that I need to get off the bench and out there making sure that we replace the current president.

What I know about this election cycle is that it is so important that we get this right. In this race, there are so many phenomenal candidates, but we need to back a unifier who can turn this country around and who understands Iowans are looking for real solutions.

Kamala Harris is the fighter Iowans desperately need in the White House.

Kamala’s experience as a prosecutor, attorney general, and U.S. Senator make her uniquely qualified to be the next President of the United States. At her core, she is a pragmatic problem solver who has spent her career addressing the real obstacles that face communities across the country. She’s not selling us a dream, but a real future that Iowans can believe in. And that’s because she’s a fighter who is going to work to get every vote for this nomination and has the best chance of beating Donald Trump in the general election.

Kamala’s plans are grounded but incredibly progressive. She knows that if we make a real federal investment in paying teachers their value, our children in rural Iowa will have a shot at a better future. In health care, she heard the concerns of Iowans and recognized that we can still get to Medicare for All, but has a plan to allow some folks that need more time for a longer transition, and offers more choice by letting private insurers play by her strict rules, putting people over profit.

She is tired like the rest of us watching these for-profit prisons take over our country and is ready to take on the system. I can’t imagine anyone better than a former Attorney General of California to lead us forward through comprehensive prison and criminal justice reform.

And I could go on and on. This is her 3 AM Agenda. The issues that keep you, and me, and moms in Alabama and dads in North Dakota up at night. These same questions about how we can get ahead and stay ahead. How we can pay our bills on time and make sure we all have access to affordable health care. On issue after issue, she just gets it.

But we know policies aren’t going to be enough. I have been lucky to see and visit with Senator Harris when she has been in Iowa. Her presence commands respect. When you meet Kamala, her handshake is firm but her hug is warm and genuine. She has an easy laugh that disarms you and makes you feel like you’re visiting with a friend. Within minutes, you can understand why she has never lost an election. She is laser focused on this race and what needs to be done to turn our country around. She really listens to people so intently and there is such a warmth and empathy in her eyes that lets you know that she cares.

We need someone like Senator Harris to get this done. People need someone they can believe in again. Someone with a real record and a long list of priorities that are rooted in helping people get ahead.

Kamala Harris is an inspiration. Her words are powerful. Her actions are thoughtful. And she is the best chance we have to correct course. I couldn’t be more thrilled to endorse Senator Harris! I like and respect her so much and I can’t wait to get started. So please join me and get to know Senator Harris, and better yet, if you are ready, join me and join the campaign.

See you on the doors in Northwest Iowa! Let’s make this happen!


Kamala for the People
September 19, 2019

State Rep. Ross Wilburn Endorses Kamala Harris Ahead of Her Return to Iowa

Wilburn is Second Member of Iowa’s Legislative Black Caucus to Endorse Harris

Ahead of Senator Kamala Harris’ return to Iowa this afternoon, State Rep. Ross Wilburn announced his endorsement of Harris. Wilburn represents the 46th District, which includes Ames, and is one of the five members of the Iowa Legislative Black Caucus. State Rep. Phyllis Thede, another member of the caucus, endorsed Harris in July at a roundtable discussion about issues facing women of color.

“I am so inspired to campaign in Kamala’s Corner. She reminds us that this election can’t just be about getting rid of Trump – it is about writing the next chapter,” said Wilburn. “I am confident that she will work tirelessly to restore and protect our civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, disability rights, rights of Dreamers, enact comprehensive criminal justice reform and restore environmental protections. I know that she has the executive, legislative, and life experience to get it done.”

“Kamala’s tenacity has been on full display during Senate hearings when she fights to hold the Trump administration accountable by asking the tough questions on behalf of the American people,” he added. “She has a laser like focus on the direction we want our country to go. She is the candidate who said from the beginning and throughout her career that she is ‘For the People.’”

Prior to his election to the House, Wilburn served as the first African American elected mayor of Iowa City and on the Iowa City City Council for 12 years. Wilburn is the latest in a series of major endorsements for Harris, including Sioux City City Councilman and disabilities advocate Alex Watters, Iowa powerhouses Sue and Bob Dvorsky, LULAC Council 10 President Jazmin Newton-Butt, and Des Moines School Board Member and teacher librarian Kyrstin Delagardelle.

Today, the campaign announced that Harris will campaign in Iowa each week in October and add over 60 new organizers in the state and open 10 additional offices. Harris will make campaign stops in Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Des Moines this Thursday through Saturday.


Kamala Harris for the People
Sept. 12, 2019

100 Blue Wave Women in Iowa Endorse Kamala Harris Ahead of Debate

Support Highlights Organizing Power of Women Behind Harris in Iowa

On the heels of the launch of “Iowa Women for Kamala” and ahead of the third Democratic debate, 100 “Blue Wave Women” from across Iowa announced their endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris. These “Blue Wave Women” are made up of women who became engaged in progressive politics in the wake of the 2016 election, helped power a record number of female lawmakers into office in Iowa in 2018, and have continued to use their activism to fight for a better future for them and their families. These women are now committed to electing Kamala Harris as the next president of the United States by collecting commit to caucus cards from their own networks, attending women-to-women phone banks, and talking to their family and friends about how Kamala Harris will defeat Donald Trump and unify Americans around solutions to our common challenges. Many of these women will serve as Women for Kamala Captains and precinct leaders for the Harris campaign on Caucus night. 

These women represent a diverse array of backgrounds, but are united in their enthusiastic support of Harris. Many of them are inspired by her fierce questioning of Trump’s nominees like Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr, recognizing she has what it takes to take on Donald Trump and inspire the coalition necessary to win in 2020. 

“Kamala’s vision for our country and proven ability to accomplish real change motivated me to switch from being a registered Independent for 21 years to committing to caucus for Kamala,” said Jennifer Jean of Pleasant Hill. “Her intelligence, strength, compassion, and ability to speak truth and ask tough questions of the powerful make her the perfect role model for my teenagers. Her joy and galvanizing optimism is what motivates me to volunteer, knock on doors, and make phone calls to make sure we put this woman in the White House.”

“Senator Harris’ slogan says it all – she is truly for the people,” said Elizabeth Kutter of Cedar Rapids. “But just as important, I wake up confident that she’ll win in 2020. I dream about Senator Harris taking down Donald Trump. But first things first, I’m spending my energy to help put her over the top at the Iowa caucuses in February.”

“After 2016, I started hearing about Kamala Harris and the amazing job she does as California’s Senator. I realized this is who I needed to be involved and motivated,” said Sabrina Davis from Des Moines. “When Kamala started running I knew I had to support her so young girls who dream of becoming president can look to the White House and see that yes, it can be done and that yes, it’s possible to be a powerful woman in charge.” 

Harris’ campaign in Iowa continues to engage grassroots supporters in unique and innovative ways in every county and precinct across the state. By giving women the tools to organize their own communities, the Harris campaign is able to organize even further in the state. Last week, Kamala Captains hosted nearly 25 events across the state utilizing their own networks and engaging hundreds of new and existing supporters. 

Complete list of 100 Blue Wave Women below: 

Ruby Bodeker, Benton County
Marlene Peterson, Benton County
Wendy Purdy, Benton County
Lytishya Borglum, Black Hawk County
Pam Correll, Black Hawk County
Shayla Fowler, Black Hawk County
Marcia Buttgen, Black Hawk County
Jennifer Tompkins, Calhoun County
Tracy Smith, Cerro Gordo County
Rose Boehmer, Cerro Gordo County
Stephanie Scholl, Cerro Gordo County
Eileen Peterson, Crawford County
Hope Johnson, Dallas County
Lindsey White, Dallas County
Martha Tabor, Dubuque County
Julie Norby, Dubuque County
Heather Holm, Franklin County
Beth Thompson, Grundy County
Randa Wall, Guthrie County
Tawny Wilson, Henry County
Rachel Foubert, Iowa County
Kim Martin, Iowa County
Ann Sohl, Jackson County
Barb Hood, Jefferson County
Jackie Reger, Johnson County
Jennifer De La Cruz, Johnson County
Allison Bettine, Johnson County
Jan Stewart, Johnson County
Leann Cortimiglia, Johnson County
Diane Thayer, Johnson County
Elizabeth Kutter, Linn County
Katie Hill, Linn County
Gretchen Mellberg, Linn County
Jill Forbes, Louisa County
Barbara Paulding, Lucas County
Joan Rafter, Muscatine County
Sabrina Davis, Polk County
Jennifer Jean, Polk County
Jennifer Norum, Polk County
Ali Henkle, Polk County
Julia Henkle, Polk County
Taylor Millar, Polk County
Brenda Schumann, Polk County
Maggie Crabb, Polk County
Alena Rae Treat, Polk County
Mary B. Doidge, Polk County
Kim Durbin, Polk County
Beverly Mae Pitt, Polk County
Jane Lee Garras, Polk County
Allison Nagel, Polk County
Dawn Black, Polk County
Brooke Black, Polk County
Cherry Shogren, Polk County
Lynn McCartney, Polk County
Diana Shera, Polk County
Alex Vandermeide, Polk County
Robin Kline, Polk County
Kristin Esche, Polk County
Maria Mattiace, Polk County
Katlyn Waltz, Polk County
Vanessa Phelan, Polk County
Jean Hessburg, Polk County
Kyrsten Delagardelle, Polk County
Rebecca Taylor, Polk County
Dianna Baker Hoye, Polk County
Janelle Turner, Polk County
Lori Jones, Polk County
Kathy Schooley, Polk County
Teresa Powell, Polk County
Calla Devlin Rongerude, Polk County
Sheryl Farrand, Polk County
Anne Middleton, Polk County
Melanie Wenzel, Polk County
Ann Dvorsky, Polk County
Shekinah Young, Polk County
Amy Yochem, Pottawattamie County
Kim Swanger, Pottawattamie County
Becky Jackson, Pottawattamie County
Sherlene Eicher , Pottawattamie County
Darlene Roush, Poweshiek County
Sarah Millender, Poweshiek County
Jessie Anderson, Poweshiek County
Brenda Anderson, Poweshiek County
Jennifer Rasmusson, Poweshiek County
Mary Little, Poweshiek County
Liz Kantner, Scott County
Jacqueline Young, Scott County
Kelli Emerson, Scott County
Veronica Conklin, Scott County
Heidi Cullinan, Story County
Lora Jean McMillan, Tama County
Pam Richardson, Warren County
Nichole Poindexter-Wilson, Warren County
Kim Robinson, Warren County
Typhanie Mahlstadt, Warren County
Sara Carspecken, Webster County
Cyndi Hansen, Woodbury County
Cathy Dailey, Woodbury County
Kim Vermilyea, Woodbury County
Celeste Sudduth-Triplett, Woodbury County
Phyllis Kurzak, Woodbury County


Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 29, 2019

Disabilities Advocate, Sioux City City Councilmember Alex Watters Endorses Kamala Harris Following Policy Announcement

Harris Is Only Candidate With Specific Plan Focused On People With Disabilities 


Watters is the latest major endorsement Harris received after her Iowa bus tour

Today, hours after Senator Kamala Harris proposed new measures she will take as President to strengthen and protect the economic security of people with disabilities, Sioux City City Councilmember and Disabilities Advocate Alex Watters endorsed Kamala Harris. Two weeks ago, Watters showed Harris around Morningside College where he is a student adviser, and the two discussed access to care, investment in people’s futures, and accessibility in schools and in the workplace. Watters and Harris first met in July when Watters moderated Harris’ Sioux City town hall at New Life in Christ Church of God in Christ.

On his endorsement Watters said, "From the first time that I met Kamala Harris I could tell that she didn’t just see me as another voter or a potential supporter. She wanted to listen and learn about my experience and the struggles that I, and so many others with disabilities across the country, face every day. She chose to listen and advocate for solutions. That’s what I look for in a President. We aren’t talking about radical policy changes, we are talking about putting people to work, ensuring adequate healthcare, and investing in programs like vocational rehabilitation. I am proud to endorse Senator Harris today, and I am really looking forward to working with her team in Sioux City as we head into the final few months of this caucus process."

As President, Harris will expand access to health care, fight for integrated employment opportunities and fair wages, ensure our emergency preparedness and disaster programs are fully inclusive, fight to adequately fund classrooms to ensure equal access, build a diverse federal workforce that includes people with disabilities, and fight for the civil rights of people with disabilities across the country.

Harris believes that by investing in people with disabilities we strengthen all of our communities, our economy, and the country. 

Watters is the latest in a series of major endorsements Harris has earned after her 5-day river-to-river bus tour that began in Sioux City and finished in Davenport. Other recent endorsers include Iowa powerhouses Sue and Bob Dvorsky, LULAC Council 10 president Jazmin Newton-Butt, and Des Moines School Board Member and teacher librarian Kyrstin Delagardelle.

You can read more about her policy, here


Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 27, 2019

Kamala Harris’ Iowa Campaign Announces Latinx Steering Committee

Today, Kamala Harris’ campaign in Iowa announced its Latinx Steering Committee. The Committee is made up of Latinx leaders across the state who believe that Kamala Harris is the best person to take on Donald Trump and fight for Latinx Iowans and their families. They will work together with Kamala Harris’ organizing team to amplify the campaign’s efforts to engage the growing Latinx population in Iowa. The committee will be chaired by Jazmin Newton-Butt who serves as the Iowa LULAC Deputy State Director, Davenport area LULAC Council 10 President, and Iowa ACLU Board Member. 

The Committee will use their own networks and organizing power to help the campaign engage in innovative ways with the community. They will also help the campaign lead caucus education efforts for members of the Latinx community who may be first-time caucusgoers. 

Members of the Latinx Steering Committee include:
  • Jazmin Newton-Butt, Iowa LULAC Deputy State Director, Davenport area LULAC Council 10 President, and Iowa ACLU Board Member
  • Brena Corona, Former Latina Leadership Initiative Board Member from West Des Moines
  • Kyrstin Delagardelle, Vice Chair, Des Moines School Board
  • Rosa Garduno, Vice Chair, Asian & Latino Coalition
  • Mitch Henry, Communications Director, Asian & Latino Coalition from Des Moines
  • Luis Navar, Latinx Business Owner from Denison
  • Diana Olivas, Community Activist from Des Moines
  • Mark Rocha, Board Member, Asian & Latino Coalition from Des Moines
Harris has made engaging communities of color a key priority for her campaign. In Iowa, she participated in a roundtable discussion with women of color in Davenport, has launched the first-of-its-kind Spanish language “Camp Kamala” organizing program, and received the endorsement of the Asian and Latino Coalition. Earlier this month, Harris traveled to Storm Lake, IA and discussed the impact President Trump’s offensive rhetoric, ICE raids, and deportations have had on immigrant communities across the state.


Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 16, 2019

Iowa LULAC Deputy State Director Joins Other Leaders Endorsing Kamala Harris Following Bus Tour

In the wake of Senator Kamala Harris’ 5-day, river-to-river bus tour, Iowa LULAC Deputy State Director, Davenport area LULAC Council 10 President, and Iowa ACLU Board Member Jazmin Newton-Butt announced her endorsement of Harris for president. 

Newton-Butt’s announcement follows other recent prominent endorsements, including Des Moines School Board Member and teacher librarian Kyrstin Delagardelle, the Asian & Latino Coalition of Iowa, and Iowa powerhouses Sue and Bob Dvorsky. 

“Kamala understands the issues that Americans face today and I strongly believe she is prepared to fight for all of us,” Newton-Butt said. “She exemplifies the strong moral character and work ethic this country needs.  I look forward to working with her team to get help get Sen. Harris to the White House.” 

Newton-Butt joined Harris on the final stop of the bus tour and took part in a roundtable on July 16 that Harris organized to focus on issues that impact women of color in the Davenport area where State Rep. Phyllis Thede also endorsed. Newton-Butt is an active member of the community, serving as a Commissioner for the City of Davenport and on the Board of Directors for the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce. 

Jazmin’s support of Harris represents her personal views, and not those of the organizations she represents. 


Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 13, 2019

Des Moines School Board Member Is Latest Iowa Leader to Endorse Kamala Harris After 5-day Bus Tour

On the heels of Senator Kamala Harris’ 5-day, river-to-river bus tour, Des Moines School Board Member and teacher librarian Kyrstin Delagardelle announced her endorsement of Harris for president. Delagardelle joined Harris on her bus during Day 3 of the tour, and they spoke about issues facing teachers and public schools in the Des Moines area, as well as the importance of women running for office.  

“Politics can be incredibly personal. For me, it's about education. It's about kids getting an equitable education, regardless of zip code. But it's about more than schools; it's about strong neighborhoods, affordable housing, access to healthcare, a livable wage, and stability for children and families,” Delagardelle said endorsing Harris

“There are so many amazing candidates, but for me, the caucus should be about who we love and want. For me, that's Kamala. She's a thoughtful and smart policy maker who genuinely cares,” she added. “I've waited since I was a little girl to see a woman elected to President. I had tears in my eyes, but Sen. Harris reminded me that even when it feels like I'm alone in a room, I'm not. That it's our job to make sure we're not the last that look like us to be at the table. She's with me and her team is with me too.”

Delagardelle is a teacher librarian in Ankeny, and has been an at-large member of the Des Moines School Board since 2017. She now serves as its vice chair. She co-organized the Des Moines Women’s March, was a founding board member of Iowa Women for Progressive Change, and is director of New Leaders Council Des Moines, a nonprofit focused on recruiting and training progressive leaders. 

The Asian & Latino Coalition, a key organizing body in the Iowa caucuses, also announced their endorsement of Harris upon the conclusion of her bus tour, which made stops across three of Iowa’s congressional districts throughout Northwestern, Northeastern, Central, and Southeastern Iowa. At each stop, Harris met with Iowans positively impacted by her “3AM Agenda” to address the problems that keep Americans up at night. 


Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 12, 2019

Kamala Harris Earns Iowa Asian And Latino Coalition Endorsement On Heels Of 5-Day Bus Tour

On the heels of her 5-day river-to-river bus tour, the Iowa Asian and Latino Coalition announced their endorsement of Kamala Harris for President. The coalition is a key organizing body in the Iowa caucuses, holding events for candidates and members of the public. The coalition spent the last year meeting with more than a dozen  candidates and voted Monday night to support Harris, saying: “The Asian and Latino Coalition officially endorses Senator Kamala Harris.” 

Coalition Chair Prakash Kopparapu said, “She has the strength and the personality to take on Donald Trump on the debate stage.”

In response, Harris said: “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Asian and Latino Coalition. During this campaign I’ve been lucky to have the chance to spend time with leadership and get to know members of the coalition. Their mission and values of equality and justice are the same values I am fighting for in this campaign. We must ensure that all Iowans have a voice in this caucus, and I look forward to working together to make sure that happens. I am thankful I will have the Coalition’s organizational strength in my corner as we head toward February.”

Harris has been a trailblazer her entire career, and was the first South Asian-American and second Black woman elected to the United States Senate. 

Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 10, 2019

Iowa Leaders Bob and Sue Dvorsky Endorse Kamala Harris, Will Join Her At Iowa State Fair Today

Today, Iowa powerhouses Bob and Sue Dvorsky are endorsing Kamala Harris for President of the United States. On Saturday morning, Bob, a former state senator representing Coralville, and Sue, a former Iowa Democratic Party Chair, former school teacher, and National Education Association (NEA) activist, will join Harris at the Iowa State Fair. Bob and Sue were early endorsers of Barack Obama in 2007 and crucial supporters for Hillary Clinton during her 2016 run. In 2016, Sue served as Hillary’s Women’s Engagement Director for Iowa and campaigned for Hillary at hundreds of events across the state.

Bob and Sue have been courted by more than a dozen candidates and after attending events, and hearing their approaches, they decided together that Kamala Harris is their clear choice. They said: 

“We've listened. We've read. We've attended. We believe with many of our friends and neighbors that we must get this right. And we are supporting Kamala Harris for President of the United States.

They continued, “In her experience, in her beliefs, in her vision, and in her plans, Kamala sets forth her theory of the case, and how she will prosecute that case. She'll fight on behalf of children, and the families who love them and struggle to provide for them. She'll fight side-by-side with the women and men who teach them. She'll stand by and with Americans challenged every day by the health care system they need. She'll never give up on women fighting for their rights to health care choice, and equal treatment in their workplaces. She'll tackle head on the issue of gun violence that threatens our neighbors wherever they live. She'll remind the world that we are a nation strengthened by our immigrants and diversity, and that there's so much more that unites us than divides us. And she will bring together the scientists, policies, and people to address the existential threat of climate change.

“She is smart, compassionate, accomplished and ready. We are committed to do everything we can, every day we can, for as long as we're needed, to elect Kamala Harris the next President of the United States,” they concluded.

Harris said, “I am honored to have Bob and Sue on my team. They are a powerhouse duo who have done so much to elect Iowa Democrats for decades. Their guidance will be critical as we continue to build a campaign that takes our 3 AM Agenda across Iowa. They are hard workers and leaders in their community who know what it takes to be successful on caucus night. I’m looking forward to campaigning across Iowa with them in the coming months. 

This announcement comes on the third day of Harris’ 5-day River-to-River Bus tour where she is discussing her 3 AM Agenda, sharing her plans for direct relief for working and middle class families and listening to Iowans at retail stops and the state fair.


Kamala Harris for the People
Aug. 1, 2019

After Second Debate: Former State Senator, Iowa Leaders Endorse Kamala Harris

Following the second Democratic Debate, former State Senator and former chairman of the Polk County Democrats Dick Dearden, Fort Dodge NAACP President Sherry Washington, Sioux City Pastor James Mosley, former chair of the Crawford County Democrats Larry Peterson, and Des Moines Moms Demand Action leaders have all come out in support of Kamala Harris for President. 

Last night on the stage, Harris discussed her 3AM agenda focused on solutions that will have a direct and immediate effect on people’s lives, paychecks, and health care.

These endorsements add to the momentum Harris has felt since the first Democratic debate. In one week, Harris will return to the state for a 5-day River-to-River bus tour to bring her 3AM agenda plans directly to Iowans. 

Sherry Washington, Fort Dodge NAACP President and Iowa 4th Congressional District Democrats Affirmative Action Chair: “I live my life with the seeds of strong men and women of generations before to guide me. I was taught to stand up for what I believe in, fight for what I think is right, respect others for our differences, knowing that love, not hate will save us. There is one candidate who can embody this and move this country forward, and that is why I’m proud today to endorse Kamala Harris for President of the United States.” 

Dick Dearden, Former Des Moines State Senator and Former Chairman of the Polk County Democrats: "I believe Kamala Harris is our best candidate to beat Donald Trump and I know that she shares our Iowa values. I am proud to endorse her for President of the United States."

Hope Johnson, Des Moines Democratic Activist and Moms Demand Action leader: “I really started to pay attention to Sen. Harris as I watched the Kavanaugh hearings. She showed both her compassion and her fierceness while working to find the truth. I think she has the fire needed to win the presidency and the intelligence and empathy to restore the office to one Americans can admire.” 

Jenni Norum, Des Moines Moms Demand Action leader: “As a mother and member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I know Senator Harris supports common sense gun laws and will take immediate action when elected to face our uniquely American gun crisis. When America has 100 gun-deaths a day, we have a gun crisis in our country. As a mother and member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I support Senator Harris for President because she will work immediately upon election to make our country a safe place.”

Pastor James D. Mosley Jr., New Life in Christ Church of God in Christ in Sioux City: "I believe in Kamala Harris' ability to get things done – her record shows that at some of the highest levels of state and federal government. In addition, her family values and honesty means that she will be a strong leader for this country." 

Larry Peterson, Former Chair of the Crawford County Democrats: “I’ve seen Kamala Harris in action and I know she is someone who can hold her own and stand on a debate stage with Trump. I think she’s pragmatic and amongst the candidates I’ve met so far she’s the one who can go the distance.” 


Kamala Harris for the People
July 16, 2019

State Rep. Phyllis Thede Endorses Kamala Harris

Today in Davenport, State Representative Phyllis Thede endorsed Senator Kamala Harris for President of the United States. Right after the endorsement, Harris and Thede joined LULAC and the NAACP for a roundtable discussion about the issues facing women of color. Thede, the first state representative in Iowa to endorse Harris, represents the 93rd District, which includes Davenport. 

“I had the opportunity to hear Kamala speak in Bettendorf last February. What most impressed me was that she believes the American people need to hear the truth,” said Thede. “Truth gives us a basis for a solid structure for change.  Whether it is education, justice reform, mental health, or healthcare we must understand its effect on us as Iowans and Americans.” 

“I believe Kamala Harris understands and supports the truth when it comes to these very important issues and more,” she continued. “I know that she will stand with women and communities of color across the state and fight to make sure that we are paid equally, that our sons and daughters are safe in their communities and getting a world-class education, that we have access to good and affordable healthcare, affordable housing, and jobs. I am proud to endorse Kamala Harris today and work to ensure she is the next President of the United States.” 

Harris was joined by Thede, LULAC Council 10 President Jazmin E. Newton-Butt, Davenport NAACP Vice President Vera Kelly, and others at today’s roundtable event. The roundtable was an opportunity for Harris to hear directly from Iowa’s leaders and discuss her 3am agenda to lift up communities of color. Harris’ agenda includes plans to invest $100 billion in minority homeownership to address the racial wealth gap, offer relief for renters paying more than 30% of their income on rent; provide up to $500 a month for working families making less than $100,000 through a new middle class tax credit; combat the Black maternal mortality crisis; close the gender pay gap for women, which is 61 cents on the dollar for Black women in Iowa and 57 cents for Latinas in Iowa; take executive actions to reduce the carnage of gun violence in communities across America; and, make new investments to raise teacher pay and expand opportunities for teachers of color.


Kamala Harris for the People
July 5, 2019

Iowa Momentum Continues as Kamala Harris Secures Second Democratic Chair Endorsement

Today, chair of the Northwest Des Moines Democrats Vanessa Phelan announced her endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris. This is the second endorsement from a Democratic chair in as many days. Phelan’s endorsement comes after she met and spoke with Harris at her Des Moines Town Hall on Wednesday evening. 

“As a mother, I need a candidate who will fight for the future. As an activist, I need a candidate who inspires more people to fight today. I need a fearless boundary-breaker, a daughter of immigrants, an accomplished professional who bends the system until it works for the people,” said Phelan

 “I need a candidate who leads with the truth, who uproots injustice, who wakes up at 3 am thinking about our most vulnerable. The candidate I need is Senator Kamala Harris,” she concluded

Yesterday, West Des Moines chair Victor Dutchuk endorsed Harris after hosting her at the annual West Des Moines Democrat picnic. Today’s endorsement comes at the conclusion of Harris’ three-day swing across Iowa, where she has had the opportunity to hear directly from Iowans about the issues that keep them up at night. At events during her swing, Harris has been discussing her “3AM Agenda” to find solutions for these issues and her plans to take action to make their lives better. 


Kamala Harris for the People
July 4, 2019

On second day of Iowa Swing, West Des Moines Democrats Chair Victor Dutchuk Endorses Kamala Harris

Today, on the heels of her debate victory and on the second day of her three day Iowa swing, West Des Moines Democrats Chair and Iowa National Guard veteran Victor Dutchuk endorsed Senator Kamala Harris. West Des Moines was a critical voting block in the 2018 Blue Wave elections in Iowa. Dutchuk’s endorsement comes one day after he hosted Harris at the annual West Des Moines Democrats’ 4th of July Summer Picnic. 

“Senator Harris is for the people and I am for her,” said Dutchuk. “Her focus on issues such as affordable healthcare, higher wages and quality education are just one example of the priorities she shares with everyday Americans.”

“Senator Harris has demonstrated the courage to take on the most challenging and important issues -- and the ability to stand toe to toe with any opponent. She has also shown us all that she has what it takes to call out President Trump and send him packing from Washington,” he concluded

Harris’ visit to the state is giving her the opportunity to hear directly from Iowans about the issues that keep them up at night. At events during her swing, Harris has been discussing her “3AM Agenda” to find solutions for these issues and her plans to take action to make their lives better. 


ed note: On July 1, 2019, 30 organizers started in Iowa...

"Team Harris is excited to be bringing on more talented staff that will be critical to our operation across the state. Organizers around the state will be meeting with caucusgoers and hosting events that will expand our reach exponentially. Iowans are headed into these summer months excited to learn more about Kamala Harris and this team will be ready to show why she is the best person to take on Donald Trump and the candidate who will fight for them and their families." - Iowa State Director Will Dubbs

Lilian Sanchez - Deputy Political Director 
Lilian Sanchez grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a University of Iowa graduate and served as the first Latina Student Body Vice President. After graduation she joined Amnesty International as a Ladis Kristof Fellow. She then served as a Legislative Intern for Senator Harris in the Fall 2018 and returned to Iowa to serve as the Executive Assistant to newly-elected Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand. Lilian also serves as the youngest member of the Emerge Iowa Board. 

Sharon Yang - Iowa Press Secretary 
Sharon Yang was most recently the Deputy Press Secretary for Senator Tim Kaine's re-election campaign in Virginia. Previously, she has also worked for former Rep. Tom Perriello's gubernatorial campaign, at Priorities USA, and on the 2016 Clinton campaign. She is a native Houstonian, Harvard graduate, and avid home cook.

Torey Cahn - Iowa Data Director
Torey comes to Iowa after successfully running Nevada's 2018 data and analytics program, electing Jacky Rosen to US Senate and Steve Sisolak to the Governor's mansion. Before that he worked on JB Pritzker's primary campaign for Governor of Illinois as well as Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016.  

Sean McEnerney - Iowa Deputy Organizing Director
This is Sean's fourth campaign working in Iowa politics. Sean was most recently a Deputy Field Director on Pennsylvania’s 2018 Coordinated Campaign. Sean started on campaigns in Queens as an organizer on Rep. Grace Meng’s 2012 campaign.  He worked in Iowa in 2014 as a campaign manager on a state senate campaign and returned to work as a Regional Field Director on Martin O’Malley’s caucus campaign and as a Regional Organizing Director during the 2016 general election.
Kamala Harris for the People endorsements
June 28, 2019

  • Minister Vergarie Sanford - Mount Zion Refuge Center Church
  • Thomas Fisher - Des Moines Assistant City Attorney

Kamala Harris for the People
May 21, 2019

First Iowa Elected Official Endorses Kamala Harris, Pointing to Her Equal Pay Plan

Today, Coralville City Councilwoman Meghann Foster announced her endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris in her run for president. Foster, a mother of five, a small business owner, and a University of Iowa educator, points to Harris’ policies like her new equal pay plan as why she is coming out early for Harris. Foster is the first elected official in Iowa to endorse Harris.

“I’m excited to be supporting Kamala Harris in the Iowa Caucus,” Foster said. “Senator Harris’s plans to close the gender pay gap, increase teacher pay, provide tax relief for the middle class, and her advocacy on behalf of affordable housing are things that are important to me as both a local leader and a mom. She is focused and fearless, and I’m excited to get to work on behalf of her candidacy.”

“I’m so grateful to have Meghann’s support in this race,” Harris said. “She understands what Iowa families are facing every day, and I know that together we can build a better future for all of our children. That starts with ensuring women earn the wages they deserve and our teachers are supported in the classroom.”

Harris will return to Iowa on Thursday for her fourth trip to the state since announcing her candidacy. She will discuss her equal pay policy throughout the visit. In Iowa, women are paid just 79 cents for every dollar paid to men.


Kamala Harris for the People
April 11, 2019

Iowa Democratic Party Women’s Caucus Chair Endorses Kamala Harris

Today, Iowa Democratic Party Women’s Caucus Chair and former Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party Jean Hessburg endorsed Senator Kamala Harris for President. Hessburg previously served as Director of the Nevada Caucus in 2008 and as Legislative Director for Congressman Dave Nagel (D-IA).

"In her first election for U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris won all but four counties in California. She has won every single race she has entered because she fights to win. She supports middle-class working women and men, she's a friend of labor, and she understands the struggles of everyday Americans. She has fought hard for public schools, the right of women to make their own health care decisions, and immigrant and LGBTQ rights. She will keep working until we once again live in an America filled with hope and promise. I support Senator Kamala Harris for all of these reasons and for a bigger and brighter future for my children," Hessburg said.

"I am so proud to have Jean's endorsement,” Harris said. “As the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Women's Caucus, she knows that electing record numbers of women to the statehouse and in Congress in 2018 was no accident. When we stand together, support great candidates and work hard, we can make our government look like the people it serves. Women will be a deciding voice in the 2020 Iowa Caucuses and I will do all I can to earn their support."

Hessburg will join Harris later today at an Emerge Iowa House Party in Des Moines to celebrate the women candidates who ran and won in Iowa over the last few years, and look forward to 2020. Emerge Iowa recruits and trains women to run for office across the state.

Harris is running a campaign that is organizing and reaching out to Iowans in every corner of the state. Earlier this month, she announced she raised $12 million from 218,000 unique contributions across the country, showing her early strength and giving her the resources to reach more Iowans. In March, Harris’ campaign announced she has supporters in all 99 Iowa counties and released a widely praised policy to give Iowa teachers a $12,200 raise by the end of her first term.


Kamala Harris for the People
March 11, 2019


As Kamala Harris introduces herself across the state of Iowa, her campaign is proud to announce today that she has supporters in all 99 Iowa counties. Harris will continue to campaign in every corner of the state, engaging Iowans and winning their support on Caucus night.

“I am honored that so many Iowans have signed up to join our campaign, a campaign for the people,” Harris said. “I am going to fight to earn support from caucus-goers in every precinct in every county across Iowa. Together we can build an economy that works for all Iowans and guarantee access to health care and take on challenges like climate change and gun violence. Thank you for standing with us.”

Supporters from across Iowa have written in and shared their own reasons for standing with Harris. Here are a few excerpts:

“I support Kamala Harris because I believe that she is the type of leader that this country needs,” Tristan Langford, Batavia.

“I support Senator Kamala Harris, because she believes in the support of Social Security and Medicare. #healthcarematters,” Treyla Lee, Sioux City.

“I think she can go the distance in the campaign...She shows sincere interest when listening to citizens,” Ann Sohl, Maquoketa.

“I was impressed when she came here to Iowa and spoke at DMACC. Of all the candidates out there, I believe she can hold her own against Trump,” Kim Durbin, Des Moines.

“Health care, gun violence, her position on issues important to me. That she is smart and tough, yet compassionate,” Joan Baril, Davenport.