United Farm Workers
November 16, 2019

Contact: Elizabeth Strater

UFW endorses Kamala Harris, citing her ‘fight for equal treatment and protection of farm workers’ & ‘bold leadership’ on immigration

United Farm Workers President Teresa Romero issued the following statement from the California Democratic Party Endorsing Convention in Long Beach where the UFW endorsement of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris for president was announced:


After elected farm worker leaders from companies under United Farm Workers’ contracts personally heard from Senator Harris and other presidential candidates with histories of supporting the UFW, they and the union’s National Executive Board overwhelmingly voted to endorse Kamala Harris for president. They are inspired by her vision of a just and inclusive America, her personal story and the confidence and strength she has shown in the face of attacks from Donald Trump.
Senator Harris has the longest history of working directly with the UFW. She led the fight for equal treatment and protection of farm workers. She is author of the federal bill providing overtime pay after eight hours a day for America’s farm workers. She lobbied the governor to sign California’s landmark law in 2016 providing phased-in overtime and to strengthen the state rules preventing worker deaths and illnesses from extreme heat. She has joined farm worker marches and the 2016 UFW convention.
We also support Senator Harris because of her bold leadership on immigrant rights, from championing genuine immigration reform to voting against funding for Trump’s cruel and useless wall.
We are grateful to the other leading contenders who choose to spend time with UFW members. Each of them offered positive visions that are better alternatives than Trump. But we believe Kamala Harris is the best choice.

In September, the 10 candidates with a history of supporting the United Farm Workers were invited to address elected farm worker leadership on November 9th. Candidates who made requests were given the opportunity to present themselves on a different date if they offered specific dates. Candidates who could not appear in person were given the opportunity to present via video conference.

In months leading up to November 9th, UFW organized debate watch parties for member leadership. Detailed records and platforms of each of these candidates were shared with member leadership and the UFW board.

On November 9th, several candidates presented themselves to the UFW member leaders. Member leaders voted for their recommendation after the November 9th interviews of several candidates. The UFW board affirmed the strong majority vote of Kamala Harris.

We support Senator Harris because of her bold leadership on immigrant rights, her fight for equal treatment and protection of farm workers.